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Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Can I find information about support for the Spider Monkey Panel somewhere (for Library Tree and Biography scripts)?

I use JS Playlist and it's the best I found.
I only lose more than one grouping level (for multiple disk editions) and $rgb() tag support (in a grouping).
Otherwise, I'm happy with it.
(offtopic, but a crucial topic for me...)

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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See here.

Since that post there have also been some new feature requests that need to be taken into consideration...

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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New Version: Library Tree 2.0.0


NEW: Improved menu options (menu > options). Most key options are now on the menu, e.g. mouse & key actions, target playlists, themes, sub-item vs track counts, root node style, items to show and mode (e.g. remember tree state [expanded nodes]).

NEW: Touch Control (enable: menu > options > mode)***.

NEW: Nowplaying highlight option (enable: menu > options > show). If enabled, also adds "Show Nowplaying" to context menu.

NEW: Filter presets now support $nowplaying{%field%}, enabling filtering based on the nowplaying track, e.g.
         artist IS $nowplaying{%artist%} => tree displays tracks by nowplaying artist.
         Nowplaying views can be put in a second Library Tree panel, if required, to retain optimal access to normal views.

NEW: Invalid search expressions are now identified with a message.

CHG: Improved auto expand. Useful to auto expand search, filter & nowplaying results etc if below a certain size. Size is user-configurable. Enable & configure: menu > options > mode.

CHG: Keyboard Shortcuts: common are now inbuilt (see context menu). User configurable keyboard shortcuts have been moved to "ADV.Hot Key..." (panel properties).

CHG: Various performance enhancements, e.g. scrolling & initialisation of views (especially compared with v1.4.0.2 when first released).

CHG: Requires Spider Monkey Panel - if you're unfamiliar with it, then it's based on JScript Panel but has a modern Javascript engine. Spider Monkey Panel can be run alongside JScript Panel, & so other panels can continue to run in JScript Panel if you don't have Spider Monkey Panel versions.

*** for an extra scroll experience, if you don't have a touch screen, enable touch control and drag with left mouse button down.

Panel properties will be reset as its a new panel. Export JScript panel properties or back-up layouts before updating if you want a record. Importing JScript panel properties isn't supported: panel properties have been overhauled & many key options are now on the menu.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.1.4 (Library Tree v2.0.0 by WilB)
tt.Activate is not a function

File: <main>
Line: 1227, Column: 20

Stack trace:

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Thanks for the report.

Reproduced & fixed for the next version.

Until that time note that the issue only seems to occur after enabling menu > options > show > tooltip. Even then reloading the script will remove the error and display the tooltips.

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