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Plugins for ripping / meta tagging / fingerprinting

Hey all,

I recently moved to a new system and lost a lot of my old library info (much of which was outdated and setup with MusicIP Mixer anyways). I used to use fb2k rarely and set up some basic stuff, but I used EAC and Music Magic Mixer for ripping, fingerprinting, tagging, batch action etc. I know fb2k is awesome and amazing and now that I have the opportunity to redo everything I'd like to set it up through fb2k to kind of consolidate all these tasks. EAC was kind of a PITA to set up and calibrate iirc, and the musicIP software has been dead since like 2008.... So my question is, which plugins will I need in order to get all these functions into fb2k? I'd appreciate some setup help as well if you're feeling generous but I'll just read as many guides as I can  I already have Picard on the system but I'm not sure if I need it.


Re: Plugins for ripping / meta tagging / fingerprinting

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I still use foo_biometrics for fingerprinting - but I think it's useless beside finding some similarities in tracks if you want to find dupes.,65185.0.html - I kind of liked MusicIP and wrote once a wrapper to use the server with foobar, to generate playlists, but I never found an alternative (beside echonest)

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