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foo_input_dts & convert tool

I have foo_input_dts 0.3.3 installed; .dts and .dtswav files decode flawlessly.

When I use F2k (v1.2.2) 's convert tool on a .dts or .dtswav file, set to .wav output (decoding ON, all other DSP OFF), it creates a single multichannel .wav file (a true PCM file as expected, not  a .dtswav).

Is there any way to have F2K output a set of mono PCM .wav files instead, one per channel?


Re: foo_input_dts & convert tool

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It is possible to use foobar2000 convert tool combined with  eac3to to create mono wav files.

Batch file code (eac3tomono.bat)
Code: [Select]
type NUL > %3
%1 %2 %3

Custom encoder settings


The log file is created by eac3to.exe.
You can delete the .wavs file after converting, as it a dummy file to suppress foobar2000 error on completion of converting.

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