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CPU benchmarks for Samsung GT-S5830

Phone: Samsung GTS 5830 / Android 2.3.6 / player = PowerAmp

Wavpack Lossless :

wv fast  - 12%
wv        - 15%
wv high - 20%
wv vhigh- 26%

Wavpack Lossy:

wv 320        -  19%
wv 320 vhigh -  29%

Lossless Others:

flac        - 10%
ape fast  - 28%
ape        - 40%
ape high  - 55%
ape extra->70%  (phone  slow +  hot !) Audio played fine though.

Lossy others:

mp3 320      - 23%
ogg 320        - 19%
aac SBR/PS - 24%
aac LC 320  - 14%
mpc 320        - 13%

wavpack 4.8 -b3hx4c

CPU benchmarks for Samsung GT-S5830

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This is only one test but I hope it shatters some myths. IMO Wavpack normal / fast mode can be competitive with flac. WV -h is also 'fast' and -hh is heavier but only a bit more compared to mp3  / ogg.  The -h -hh are faster encodes / better compression than flac -8 and competitive with APE -c1000

Monkeys Audio which has been criticized for slow cpu decoding. The -c1000 fast mode is a surprise. On par with WV -hh and maybe a bit faster to encode and compress slightly worse. The -c2000 normal mode was heavier @ 40% but the phone and playback were fine. This is still acceptable for those needing extra compression , the encoding is fast, decoding a bit worst than WV -hh.  -C3000 high mode also played ok but cpu was %55 .  Maybe this is the absolute maximum for compression freaks. Its still encodes fast but IMO -c2000 is more sensible while -c1000 for raw speed while still better than flac -8 for compression and much faster. The -c4000 extra high may produce a disaster. Phone slow and HOT, slow seeking, cpu >70%.  Not suitable IMO only for PC use or for better H/W. Its also encodes much slower to wv -hh and the other modes but better compression.
wavpack 4.8 -b3hx4c

CPU benchmarks for Samsung GT-S5830

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Interesting results.

However ARM9 and ARM11 are considered  as legacy. The most of mobile device today have Cortex A chip which have NEON instrustion set. Even  Cortex A9 is considered today as  "old" .
All low-budget lines with ARM11 were replaced by Cortex A5 a few years ago. 

CPU benchmarks for Samsung GT-S5830

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Great post shadowking.

I've been listening to my lossy WV files (encoding params as per my sig, no correction files on mobile) on my budget Motorola Moto G 4G (1st Generation, Qualcomm MSM8926 Snapdragon 400, Lollipop 5.1.1) via Rocket Player Premium for more'n 2 years now and still haven't been able to notice any additional battery drain compared to MP3 VBR or AAC TVBR playback.
WavPack 5.1.0 -b384hx6cmv / qaac 2.64 -V 100

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