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Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help

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It appears that you are using Aero themes. In that case GetSysColour is not going to help you, as it only returns a single colour value.
If you look closely, the menu background is not a solid colour but a gradient, or maybe even a combination of two gradients depending on the theme.

I'm not aware of any documented ways of getting that info from the system. One thing you could try is extracting a sample of that pattern graphically from a screen shot and stretching it to the desired width.

That may cover your personal setups (until you make any changes in Windows themes), but a generic solution would be much more difficult to build.

Yes, another way is to use:

function on_main_menu(index) {

Then i can put buttons on standard toolbar. I tried that and works fine. But problem is that popup menu which buttons open, cant folow button position on toolbar, it folows jscript panel position. So if i move button, menu wont folow.

And i must then somehow hide jscript panel.

Maybe Marc can help?

Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help

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I have problem with adding "PLAY_COUNT" Tag.

Code: [Select]
var PLAY_COUNT = fb.TitleFormat("%PLAY_COUNT%").EvalWithMetadb(metadb);
//Play Count
if(PLAY_COUNT>=0) {
new_playcounter = Math.floor(PLAY_COUNT) + 1;
} else if(PLAY_COUNT=="?") {
new_playcounter = 1;
} else {
new_playcounter = Math.floor(p_counter) + 1;

Everything works fine, but if i have big number in TAG like: "965198981958199645645646456456456" , then when script adds "+1" ,then number converts to scientific  "9.651989819582e+32".

How to avoid this?

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