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Hi @3dyd. I noticed that with the latest beta, support for /user/live links is broken. When I try to get the live stream with a /live link, the component will get the channel playlist instead of the stream. Example.

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foobar 1.4.3 crashes on youtube videos.
Youtube Source 3.0 beta 7, Windows XP sp3
reported on w/o foobar dump files
I think there is a regression relative to the 2.X versions. If you leave a youtube track paused and you try to play it again after some hours, cpu spikes and foobar2000 becomes barely recoverable . In past versions it would popup the console  with read error (as the steam becomes expired), and  you could resolve it easily by just replaying the track from the beginning.

I might post sth more specific whenever I am able to track it better.


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Does foobar2000 with foo_youtube suppose to lock installed LAV Filters dll when it already set as managed? I notice when I have LAV installed, I would like to update it and same time foobar2000 was running, it forced me to close foobar2000. I did this because I wanted to copy LAV from Program Files to managed folder.

edit: Okay, I didn't see on status, it show system, alt. So does it prefer LAV on system by default?

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