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Re: foo_playlist_organizer (aka foo_plorg)

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The first post on this thread links to the component's homepage which has a link to the package. It's the 2010 one.
I slightly remember I tried the link already, however: This url leads to 404 not found. (Anayway, thanks for your effort & patience).

then you need x86 instead of x64?
hmm, sorry. I didn't realize it needs the 2010 one.
This works! Thank you, too!

Re: foo_playlist_organizer (aka foo_plorg)

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I'm sorry I can't reproduce this autoscrolling bug. Can you provide more details ? thanks

Thank you for your response.   Sorry for my late reply -- I was on holiday and was not able to reply.

Since your message, I have been unable to reproduce the auto-scrolling (bug?) within your plug-in.  My attempts to induce it have been unsuccessful.  When I have more information I will contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks again!

Any development on this?


Re: foo_playlist_organizer (aka foo_plorg)

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Hi @NEMO7538 , thanks for your component :) Here's my point :

Playlist Organizer hasn't been updated since 2015. Actually, not a single playlist management component has been been updated since 2015, and that's a lot of time :
Of course Playlist Organizer works pretty well, so it doesn't really need an update. However, maybe I could suggest a small improvement.

I have lots of autoplaylists, like dozens of them. Folders are really helpful to organize them, but what would be even more helpful would be being able to assign a custom color (text and/or background) to any playlist or folder.

I'm not talking about the existing "custom color" feature, since it doesn't allow to set custom colors on a per-playlist or per-folder basis.

I hope you can consider this. Thanks in advance!

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