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FDK-AAC codec test

I originally posted this in reply to a question over in the AAC general forum but, being new, I didn't realize that listening tests could not be posted there. Anyway I didn't want the test to go to waste so I'm posting it here.

I have been wanting to transcode a sizable chunk of my flac audio collection to make it friendly for my mobile devices which I usually listen to with earbuds. So I started messing about with the faac and fdkaac codecs on linux. I quickly settled on fdkaac and continued testing out various encoder options, focusing  on vbr m5, HE-AAC 64k, and HE-AAC v2 40k. I ended up choosing HE-AAC v2 40k for the quality vs file size results which I felt were pretty impressive for a mobile music library.

I have two listening tests here for anyone interested... One :19sec and one :25sec song sample... Both samples provideds as uncompressed wav and various aac encoded using the fdkacc codec.

TEST 1: includes samples of two songs, each at full wav 16bit 44.1, vbr m5, HE-AAC 64k, and HE-AAC v2 40k along with their respective spectrograms. AAC_TEST.rar

TEST 2: this is an ABX version of the same samples with the test answers included in the txt files, so listen to the samples before looking at the results. AAC_ABX_TEST.rar

Feedback is welcomed.

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