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Classical music and insanely long title tags
I am not a classical music aficionado. I really have no desire to keep meticulous metadata for classical music. I tend to treat classical albums, especially from soloists, as I do my regular "pop" albums. But I have a couple of observations that are driving me insane. Some classical pieces have insanely long movements. I'm talking about the number of characters, not the actual playtime. If I were to strictly adhere to what's written in the CD's liner notes, I often have this bastard of a Title tag:

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra: II. Allegretto, un poco - Adagio ma non troppo - Allegretto - Poco Adagio - Tempo di Marcia

Having these long titles consume so much real estate in foobar2000's playlist window is a bit of an eyesore. So much so, that it distracts me from the enjoyment of LISTENING to music. My first inclination is to lose everything after "Allegretto, un poco." But I would be curious to know how other people handle this.

The other slightly less annoying observation is when I encounter something like "II. Menuetto. Allegro vivace". What does it mean when a movement title has punctuation like this?