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Connecting Foobar2000 to my NAS?

Is there anyway that i can stream my music from my NAS to foobar2000? My NAS is faaar away from where i am now but i was wondering if there is any methods on streaming the music from my NAS to my computer. Everything is done in terms of me being able to connect to my NAS, play videos from it and listen music from it too. How would i be able to play it from there?

I've tried just take a file and drop it into the Foobar2000 but i get this message

"Unable to open item for playback (Invalid path):
"ftp://Rasmus@(The IP address)/Qdownload/Call%20of%20Duty%20Black%20Ops%20II%20Soundtrack/Adrenaline.mp3"

Im just wondering if its possible.

Also it would be sick if there were to come a Foobar2000 app to the phone, cant find one lol

Connecting Foobar2000 to my NAS?

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Sure it's possible, but the question becomes less "how do I get foobar to connect to my NAS" and more "How do I get my computer to connect to my NAS"  Conventionally, you'd use SMB (Windows Shares) or NFS, and if the NAS were on remote network, you'd establish a VPN to that network.

It'd be helpful if you mentioned what kind of NAS it was and/or what options were available.  If it can act as a UPnP /DLNA media server, then there's a UPnP plugin for Foobar that may work.

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