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matroska chapters/tags for track titles

So, the Chapters section of the specification shows that you can do Chaptering.  If you notice, most notably in example 1, it shows a "ChapterDisplay" section, in which you can specify "ChapterString".  It seems to advise that you specify the chapter name there.

Of course, for referring to any particular portion of the audio you must define a chapter (with or without a title).  The video example under "Tags" shows using the Tags fields (which refer to Chapters by their UIDs) to add metadata which INCLUDES a title (and much much more).  Of course you want Tags so you can specify the numerous fields in addition to the title.

Now, the audio example on the other hand shows specifying Chapters without any ChapterDisplay/ChapterString value, and simply using the Tags for labeling.

If I, for an audio file, specify the title in the ChapterString, in VLC it shows the name I specified in the chapter list.  If I open it in foobar2000, the track is loaded like a cue file and I see all my chapters as separate tracks... but they do not have titles because foobar is looking for Tags and ignores ChapterStrings.

So... what should I do?  I definitely want Tags fields, no question, but what should I do with the ChapterString?  Say I have a full music album in one audio file with chapters for each track... is the ChapterString logically the same thing as a title Tag, or am I just confused and it's something distinct?  Should I duplicate the value in both places?  Should I not specify the ChapterString at all (even though VLC seems to use it)?

The answer is unclear, and I welcome input.  I don't want to do "whatever makes music players happy".  I want to do it The Right Way ™... as a developer, I can coerce things to work correctly if necessary.


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