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See byte position of current sample/frame?

I'm trying to encode an EAlayer3 SNR that loops, but only within a specific region of the file. From analysing game files, I've noticed that there can be an "intro" segment and a "body" segment which is the actual loop. I've figured out where to alter the bytes, but it requires knowing the exact sample and offset of where the loop should begin, and I'm not quite sure how to go about getting that information.

I'm quite new to all of this, so I feel like I might be missing something rather obvious... Although I wouldn't really expect anyone to know much about this format. Any advice is much appreciated.

Re: See byte position of current sample/frame?

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You may find better answers for dealing with game related formats on the forum, and its associated Discord server. Just be sure to stick around in either place as well, as not everyone's an expert, and the people close to that level aren't online 24/7, but your message will probably be seen.

If you want a self-help remedy, you can look at the source code to VGMStream and try to decipher how the format is parsed and decoded, and even maybe write some code that can do what you want.


Re: See byte position of current sample/frame?

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Comprehending stuff like that is a little bit above my paygrade at the moment, but I'll take a look if nobody else has any ideas. I'll certainly be making a post there. Thank you!

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