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Free media streaming server

I want to be able to browse and stream video content from my PC to mobile device with no DLNA client.

I googled and tried several options, among others:

1. Plex (Python/JS/...) - is really nice, but they sell mobile apps, so that their web interface is hardly accessible on mobile phones. Otherwise it's perfect.

2. Serviio (Java) - I haven't tried streaming options, as for this feature I would have have to pay.

3. Remote Potato - this seemed like best option because it would serve media content using Windows technology, but it seems that I'll need Silverlight enabled phone (Windows phone) as I can't get video playback otherwise (from my phone's browser).

Now, I plan to tweak Plex CSS to make it at least more accessible, but before diving in such adventure I thought to ask if maybe someone has better suggestion for Windows streaming server with accessible web interface.

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