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"mp3tag" vs "mp3tag pro"

... the latter, I just found, being supplied by a certain ManiacTools company.

It makes me a bit suspicious, but OTOH, for all that I know it could be that the applications lived separate lives in disjoint corners of the web for long enough that none of them wanted to change any name. Like, they claim development since 1999.

Anyone has any information about the lesser-known?
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"mp3tag" vs "mp3tag pro"

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Found an old thread about it over on

The two programs are not related and I have nothing to do with this other program which, unfortunately, has the same name.

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From the Internet Archive it appears Mp3Tag Pro has only been around since 2009. I find it hard to believe they wouldn't know their program shares the same name.

Edit: actually looks like it's been around even earlier, and they also have another program just called 'Mp3Tag'.

"mp3tag" vs "mp3tag pro"

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Thanks.  Florian's clarification is sufficient to presume it is a fully legitimate parallel. I was worried it could be illicit to the point of malware/adware-bundled piracy.

It was not their tagging application I was interested in, but it was that one that triggered my worry, along with the issue that they have a fairly comprehensive range of tools and yet rarely gets mentioned.

Edit: that's what happen when you use generic names.  By the way, there must have been others than myself who read the "Tag" in "mp3Tag" different due to the ".de"? :-o
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