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Best Metro app for audiophile playback

I'm considering a tablet along the lines of the Surface Pro 2 for use as a carputer. Right now I use a cheap Android tablet for this purpose. While it lacks the power for some functionality I'd like to have, I've been very pleased using PowerAMP for music playback via Bluetooth to my head unit.

What I'd like to find is a Metro app, or at bare minimum a touch-friendly Windows application, with something in the ballpark of PowerAMP's functionality:

- (Near) Gapless playback
- ReplayGain support
- Supports AAC/OGG
- Displays *.jpg in an album folder as album art (doesn't require embedded art)
- Sophisticated library with customizable view, sorting, etc.

A cursory search of the Windows Store does not look promising. Perhaps I'm missing something; or perhaps there's some foobar2000 skin that would make it reasonably suitable to quick touchscreen use? (The latter seems hard to imagine, but I'm open to ideas).

Obviously, foobar2000 Mobile will probably be precisely what I'm looking for, but the public release of a Windows version sounds like it could easily be a year out.

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