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How to play FLAC whilst remotely adding tracks for playback

What i'm after is pretty simple, or so i thought.

I wish to play FLAC into the optical input on a Pioneer VSX921 amp, and whilst playing back i would like the ability to add / remove skip tracks in a 'running' playlist, from a handheld (Android) device from the couch.
My preference is to browse by file/folder as i do this.

I currently have a HTPC setup with FooBar2000 using WASAPI>SPIDIF>Pioneer Amp.
I was using an App called FooBar remote but it's not allowing me to add tracks to a running playlist, every time i add a track it just replaces the existing track on the playlist (only ever 1 track in the playlist)
I also tried RDP from a tablet but things got messy and tedious.

Is there another way to achieve this?

Software on HTPC would be ideal, would also consider buying a device that is capable of this.


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