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Joe Budden vs. David Banner

Today I am going to buy an album. music tests suck and provide no real sign if it is good or not. Should I get the Joe Budden or David Banner Album? wat do you guys think?  thanks

Joe Budden vs. David Banner

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I didn't like the Joe Budden album first, but it kinda grew on me. It's my favorite album right now, actually...
It's a well rounded album with club bangers (Focus, Fire), smooth tracks (Ma Ma Ma) but also some insightfull tracks (Calm Down, Walk With Me). He also gets a point for originality shown on the "10 Mins." track.
I like it.

I didn't hear the David Banner album, so I can't comment on that.

Just give me 10 minutes
I just need 10 minutes alone
To not deal with a thing, to not answer my phone
Just to ig' my 2 way, ig' the shit in the streets
Just let me smoke this one cig in peace
Give me 10 minutes
Without y'all comin at me with that bull
Sometimes that's all it takes to ruin my last pull
And right now, that's what got the kid at peace
Let me smoke this one cig in peace

  ~ Joe Budden - 10 Mins.

Joe Budden vs. David Banner

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You might want to check out AMG for reviews.
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