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some mods not playing in foo_mod

I'n not sure if I must post this here but I found 3 modules not playing at all in foo_mod (foobar 0.7beta2) but working in winamp in_mod beta29:

ECHOBEA3.MOD (Noisetracker)

KINGDOM.MOD  kingdom of pleasure (Soundtracker 31, a very rare format only working with winamp in_mod because I send this mod to X-fixer last year)

SONG3.MOD (Soundtracker, completely crash foobar when adding it to playlist)

I don't know if you can do something so if you want I can send you those mods in a 7z file (106 kb). If I must contact the official developer of this plug-in (bass.dll i think) can you give his web adress or e-mail.
Thank you

EDIT: ok I found the site myself
I post about it on their forum

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