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API Function Request


for my OpenAL output component I need the Win32 API function "GetSystemDirectory" to get the path to a driver OpenAL32.DLL (this path is used with uLoadLibrary later...).  This function isn't covered by the UTF8API yet. It would be very kind to implement a uGetSystemDirectory function in the next 0.7 SDK version.

Thank you,

Arne Bockholdt

API Function Request

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Is an absolute path absolutely necessary? (Heh, heh.)

API Function Request

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If you tell me another way to load the library from the system directory without the absolute path, no ! It *must* be the one from the system directory not any dll from the path...there are so many wrapper functions around the Win32 API in the current SDK, so one more won't hurt....

API Function Request

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if (IsUnicode())

P.S.  I'm sure over time Peter will expand the utf8api wrappers, but until then, you'll need to do some wrapping yourself.

API Function Request

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Utf8api.dll isn't meant to be complete at the moment, I only selectively wrapped functions that were referenced in my code. I've added this one (as well as GetWindowsDirectory and some other similar functions, to be included with next beta); if you think that I missed something important, post it and I'll add it.

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