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Resampler-V is based on the combination of SSRC and SoX libraries, the first one is fixed, and the other is floating point.

The current v2.0 is an engineering version, with two graphs:
1. Frequency response: DblClick to toggle the crosshair appearence, and LClick and Drag to move it across the curve.
2. Impulse response: LClick and drag it to Zoom In, RClick resets zoom to default.

* Added Phase control to SSRC Algo, as well as Pass and Stop Band controls.


[] - for Win7 and above ...

[] - for WinXP.

* Please set the actual Foobar's components folder.


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Version v2.1

** Mgnitude graph some initializetion problems fixed.



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Can i install this plugin in any other player with "VST plugins" support?


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Looks good but it's a pity you are using MSVC 2013 runtime as I have problems using it on Windows XP, for some reason.
Foobar2000 is taking well care not to use such runtimes so I suggest you to do the same


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NICE :-)
Is it possible to change the frequency of the lowpass?
Thank you

Re: Resampler-V

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Version v3.2

* Added resampling table - to config an individual parameters for each samplerate.
** A brief description of the functionality as follows:
1. After selecting Source and Target samplerates, the resampler suggests the optimal configuration. In most cases this is the best choise.
2. The graphs always shows the current selection. [when both samplerates combos have a value or table row selected].
3. During the playback the table is locked, and the controls is enabled only if there is a relevant samperate in the table [i.e. current conversion is defined].
4. The Link checkbox is for proportional aliasing (about -6dB in the Nyquist).
5. Also added Bypass, for quick and easy comparison.

Enjoy ...

Re: Resampler-V

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Thanks for this.

Could you please add an option to delete entries from the table? Currently it comes with 2 defaults for the most common frequencies that cannot be changed or deleted and it honestly makes it pretty useless. No offense meant.


Re: Resampler-V

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Delete by double clicking the item in the table. I found that out by accident. I deleted something i wanted to keep!

Re: Resampler-V

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I have worked out why the default passband is 90.6%. Thats 20khz when the source is 44.1 khz.
But thats not true when the source is 48khz. 20khz is then 83.3%. And your sampler is the only one which goes that low in setting the passband.

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