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info on Wavpack's hybrid algorithm

Does anyone happen to know anything about the lossy compression algorithm that is used in Wavpack's "hybrid" scheme?
I suspect that it is vastly different from MP3, as MP3 would require a huge 'difference
file' to restore to lossless format.  Any references to exactly what they are doing?

info on Wavpack's hybrid algorithm

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In the simplest description, it is simply lossless where the final bits of resolution are either discarded (for lossy) or placed into the correction file (for hybrid). So, it's variable quantization, and is a little like ADPCM except that it is not limited to a fixed number of bits per encoded sample and has a much more complex predictor. Also, several things are done to make the noise less audible like joint stereo and dynamic noise shaping.

This document gives some information, and although it's more detailed on the lossless component, it does discuss the lossy/hybrid mode.

Hope this helps. If you have specific questions I can try to answer them.


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