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(macOS) Audio MIDI setup for external USB DAC

My USB DAC with XMOS USB stage has capabilities upto 32bit/384kHz, and the Audio MIDI allows the output setting from 24/44.1kHz all up to 24bit/384KHz. The default setting was 24bit/48kHz. However, I’m not into Hi-res audio, and only plays back my music at 16bit/44.1kHz or 48kHz (downsampled from Hi-res rate).

I’m new and confused about how computer audio works now. If my file is 16/44.1, and I choose the highest setting, will macOS resample the data to the said rate before outputting it to the DAC?

My question is, if the file is 16/44.1 and the Audio MIDI setting is set to 24/384, will the OS resample my 44.1kHz to 384kHz, and fills the extra 8bit with blanks to make it 24bit? Are there any (costs) benefits of doing this, because from what I knew, 24bit DA conversion process is flawed because of the electrical precision required for those extra bits. And the insanely higher sample rate IMO could be troublesome. Or the DAC will discard such blank information and operate in 16 bit anyway?

Now I’m confused. What setting should I use? Or should I just set it accordingly with the file I’m playing? Or I can leave it whatsoever because I wouldn’t hear the differences anyway?

Re: (macOS) Audio MIDI setup for external USB DAC

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This article worries me that if the information is converted from 16bit to 24bit, the increased ‘blank’ dynamic range will push the quiet signal down lower than the DAC’s effective DNR and noise level. Or that’s not how it works, because added blank bit depth is on the quieter end and the music loudness remains the same?

Please educate me! Thanks in advance


Re: (macOS) Audio MIDI setup for external USB DAC

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I just leave my Mac set to 24-bit/96KHz, I can't tell any dfference between than and what it originally defaulted to. It certainly doesn't change the volume.

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