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Getting Foobar to Load iPod wihout Itunes

Ok, I am having a miserable week.  I have had awful experiences with iTunes in the past and thus used Foobar about 7 years ago. Both slowed my PC considerably so I  later removed them. Now I want to upload a few CDs.  I reinstalled iTunes but it crashed my Windows and jammed my CDRom. Again junked itunes and got CDRom working.  So I reloaded Foobar which is fine, but you have to do a tweak, as per Youtube, to add a .dll file to components to get Foobar to talk to iPod.  I did all Youtube suggested but got this

"Failed to load DLL: foo_dop.dll
Reason: This component is missing a required dependency, or was made for different version of foobar2000.

So this extreme technophobe is stumped

Re: Getting Foobar to Load iPod wihout Itunes

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Download the v7.0 Ipod plugin from HERE.

Once downloaded double click and Foobar2000 should automatically install it. if double clicking doesn't work open Foobar2000 preferences > components and click the install button and select the file you just downloaded.

also have a look in THIS thread for further help.
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