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Headphone preamp on soundcard

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Anybody want to buy my Prodigy 7.1? PM me if you're interested.
I'll trade you some EVIL lint (very rare) for it.

Headphone preamp on soundcard

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Disabling line-in in the soundcard mixer worked wonders against crackling/static  here. (Windows XP, Terratec DMX Xfire 1024)

Wish I could say the same.  I already tried disabling everything in that darn mixer that can possibly be disabled whilst still beeing able to play music.  Nothing. 

Anyway since I got rid of the problem by different means now I guess I shouldn't complain anymore.

Seem to be hearing loads of good stuff about the M-Audio these days.


Headphone preamp on soundcard

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I'll probably end up buying the M-Audio at some point.
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