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Masstagger Wishlist

It's been a long time since the Masstagger component was updated.

I really wish it only showed the tracks that would be changed.

And algo, that it only updated the files if changes are made.

Re: Masstagger Wishlist

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this is an very old feature wish, and I wish for it every single day, since :-)

It would be great, if it would be possible to have a switch/checkbox, which allows the user to switch between

[ x ] show only files, which will be changed
[   ] show all files

I guess, if such logic is implemented, it'll not need 1 hour to complete a filelist of 2000 files, where only 10% are actually being updated.

Re: Masstagger Wishlist

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...and, while we are here:

Screenshot, left side:

It would be very useful and convenient if the window would be resizable. (The right part of it, called "Actions to perform")

For very very long scripts, the windows tooltip (which comes up after 1 second and vanishes after 3 seconds) is not an option to review the code.
Neither is scrolling and scrolling and scrolling 8-D
Todays monitors are way bigger/wider than the ones back in the 90s, so it would be great to use that space while working with f2k.

Screenshot, right side:

Also, text is unnecessarily cropped (...). The window is long enough for having the whole text shown.

Anyways, I love the masstagger, couldn't live without it!

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