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DVD Audio Extractor - Questions on choosing Titles

Thanx for you help... If I am posting in the wrong forum, please point me to the correct place.

I am using DVD Audio Extractor to pull the high rez audio from DVDs and DVD-As.  I purchased all of my discs and want them moved to my home server where I play them, via Foobar, on my high-end music system.  I want ONLY THE HIGH REZ audio... for DVD A, it is 96-24, for DVDs it is 48-24 (so it appears to me)

When I use the extractor, it shows me multiple titles and defaults selection to the first one.  In say two of the three titles shown, the music appears repeated.  Even though the extractor may show only one sample/bit format, it appears the music is of different quality. 

How to I ensure I only get the highest rez, 96-24, and not the lower rez files?  I have quite a stack of DVD-As and don't have the time to audition them for quality.

Help here?  Thanx so much.

Bruce in Philly

DVD Audio Extractor - Questions on choosing Titles

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I have DVD Audio Extractor and it does the same thing. A lot of times I have to manually tag mine.

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