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Rio 500


Anyone else here owning a Rio 500?

Do you know some good internet resources for this product?

SonicBlue has obviously reduced its support for this product
to a minimum - you even can't get any firmware (e.g. V2.15)
from their web and FTP sites anymore.

It's a shame they encrypted their firmware. With some
knowledge, one could try to modify the firmware to add some
features, like e.g. OGG Vorbis playback


Rio 500

Reply #1
i wasnt very impressed with SonicBlue's support of this player either... i emailed them a few times inquiring about which codec's they intended to support and they were very wish washy about it.
i wasnt aware that the firmware was encrypted, that pretty much throws out my desire to hack it for mpc support... its too bad because this player has a very good potential to be a badass player. I almost sold my expanium in favor of the rio but now im very hesitant


Rio 500

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After some research, I discovered the following resource.

Consider this the ultimate heaven for Rio products.

Yes, this place has all the firmware and drivers and links to third party software. I finally found a W2K USB driver that works. And upgraded to firmware 2.16

Still, my RealJukebox V2 refuses to install the Rio500 module.

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