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aptX Lossless

This is about aptX Lossless, a lossless audio codec that is not related to the "well-known" aptX codec (lossy subband ADPCM; used in Bluetooth A2DP for instance; discussed [a href='index.php?showtopic=78217']here[/a] and [a href='index.php?showtopic=104654']here[/a]).

CSR, owner of the technology since 2010, has an overview / marketing page for the aptX "suite of algorithms". There is also a whitepaper pdf that contains mostly high-level information - not much but the best I could find.

Does anybody know any further details about aptX Lossless?
How does it achieve low latency (short frames?!) and good compression? (better than FLAC, according to the whitepaper linked above)

Which software applications or hardware devices use aptX Lossless?
Are there any independent test results available?

aptX Lossless

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I am not certain of any of the claims but from what I read...

The spec mentions two modes of lossless. The "hybrid lossless" or near lossless coding (as it says) is for bandwidth restrictions apparently during encoding. I could imagine the scalable coding latency is likely part of the hybrid element unless the CPU has a lot more horsepower. Even so, there might be more to it than merely a FLAC rip-off with some extra functions.

edit: What I read doesn't differ much from the whitepaper. There's does not appear to be a whole lot of real lossless going on.
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