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Samples by Sephirotic

Original Thread

Like described in the Original Thread, I decided to do a small listening test comparing some modern AAC codecs.
I selected a couple of samples already available at this forum but decided to also make some of my own, since as a personal listening test, I will mainly test musics I like.
This is from my father's vastly classical CDs collection

Mahler's 8th symphony by Daniel Bernstein, Recorded in 1991 with Wiener Philharmoniker Orchestra. It's the final 30 seconds of the First Capo. After some preliminary tests, this particular sample seemed to be a difficult one. Lot's of Brass, high pitched violins, both baritono and soprano voices with an organ in the background! Only missing for this being a perfect romantic-orchestral sample would be a symphonic cymbal, too bad!

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