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Informal AptX vs SBC bluetooth test

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I also took a look at the differences in noise and distortion with the two codecs. The chart above shows the difference in the response spectrum with 1 kHz and 4 kHz WAV files, both produced at -1 dBFS and measured with the output of the NAD D3020 set to deliver 2 volts RMS. Here's the color values: aptX 1 kHz = blue, aptX 4 kHz = purple, SBC 1 kHz = green, SBC 4 kHz = red.

In these measurements, aptX appears to have a higher noise floor than SBC. Yet aptX's noise floor is cleaner, with fewer spurious harmonics and non-harmonic tones.

Is this due to something about the codec?



Informal AptX vs SBC bluetooth test

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^I'm a newb at HA but an EE with a DSP class 8 years ago. Do you say fail at the test, or at aptX / SBC?
This reminds me a little of Sony's choice of MPEG-2 for Bluray when AVC1, mpeg4, or whatever codec they used on HD-DVD and now bluray was coming out better.

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