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Cassette Audio Repair (Updated Thread)

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Since I obviously have no idea how to properly attach audio.

Cassette Audio Repair (Updated Thread)

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I assume you're interested in intelligibility and not high fidelity


Does this help? This was just a quickie play around.

Audition 3 noise reduce 9dB, noise reduction level 85, 1/2 second FFT sample 4k points.

Cassette Audio Repair (Updated Thread)

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Here's a basic example of what you can do with Audacity:


- Deleted right channel, converted left to mono
- Ran noise reduction filter with default settings (created noise profile from approx. 0:32-0:35)
- Added a 6 dB EQ bump from 1kHz - 4kHz
- Manually reduced amplitude of the handling noises at the beginning
- Applied the compression filter (-16 dB thresh, 4:1 ratio, default attack/release)

Obviously, you can hear the noise reduction working (i.e. trying to do it's thing), but given the severity of the noise, I think that will always be a trade-off with Audacity's filter, although, again, I didn't adjust it.
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