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SoundCard Suggestions

Hello All!

I am getting ready to build a new computer and need some advice on soundcard selection.  My last set up had a SB Audigy, which suffered from constant crackling and popping, and a used set of Cambridge Soundworks speakers. 

After reading reviews on this board and others I've decided to go ahead and grab a set of Grado headphones probably 225/320s.  Regarding the Grado headphones is there a soundcard on the market that can do a good job driving them or is a headphone amp the way to go?

Keeping the Grado considerations in mind, I am looking for a sound card that does the following:
-High Quality Audio Playback w/o 48hz re-sampling (ala SB)
-Offer two out lines: One digital/One Analog
-Be capable of decent gaming audio (This is perhaps the least important quality)
-Do not need any recording, or surround sound
-And preferably be Hardware driven.

Mainly looking for a card excels in audio playback but can handle quake 3(without frame loss) whenever i get the rare urge to play.

If it isnt feasible to drive grado headphones from a soundcard which headphone amp can the board recommend.  I'm not thrilled about buying the RA-1 amp at that price. (Though the mahogany case is super sexy!)

My budget is around 300-400 dollars for the whole soundcard/amp (if needed) set up.


SoundCard Suggestions

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