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Does somebody know "Brecker Brothers"

I just got the album "Out of the loop" by the Brecker Brothers into my hands. This album is really a great!

Does somebody know "Brecker Brothers"

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you should also check out frank zappa's live in new york.  a great showcase for the brothers brecker...

Does somebody know "Brecker Brothers"

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I don't have it. But a friend of mine does. It's pretty good. He has a ton of older stuff like that on vinyl.

Does somebody know "Brecker Brothers"

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I think that one of the Brecker brothers (Walter, guitarist) is a member of Steely Dan (with Donald Fagan....and they have a new album out....Everything Must Go).

The other brother Michael?) is a Jazz saxophonist.

Then again, I may have the wrong Brothers



Does somebody know "Brecker Brothers"

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The Brecker Brothers are awesome, Michael is a Saxophonist and the other (forgotten his name) is a Trumpeter.  They are famed for combining guitar effects processors with their natural instruments.  They're awsome, get as many albums as you can.

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