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Re: foo_youtube

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what problem?


Re: foo_youtube

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Beta 3

- stop video when UI element is invisible. Video downloading will be paused at this time. This behavior is enabled by default and can be disabled using appropriate checkbox in preferences Advanced -> Tools -> Youtube Source -> Video -> 'Stop video when UI element is invisible'
- force Runtime Config mode for LAV filter (LAV Splitter or LAV Video, independently) when local filter version is used. Runtime Config mode means use default filter settings and do not store them in the system. Component uses newer version of the filter. But when local filter has newer version, there are no easy way to not use global settings from older filter version. And there are no any way to display settings UI for local filter in this case. I.e. will be used local filter, but will be displayed settings UI of the filter registered in the system. To prevent possible issues because of this, local filter now will always use Runtime Config mode
- fixed subtitles retrieving in cases when multiple subtitles are present

Re: foo_youtube

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possible set audio speed stream download limit ? then on video stream will upper speed

Re: foo_youtube

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Try downloader other than 'foo_youtube' in component preferences Audio tab -> 'Media downloading'. Unlike foo_youtube, others will prebuffer (download) only small portion of audio that is need for playback right now. Will be kind of speed limit.
Btw, there also can be other issue. Youtube may limit download rate for certain streams on its side. In this case there is nothing you can do. Though rate limit is always greater than video bitrate, so this should not be a problem for playback.

Re: foo_youtube

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Beta 4

- enhancements for full screen mode of video UI element. Like floating video window it has seek bar now, proper reaction on foobar keyboard shortcuts, basic playback control from keyboard (volume by Up/Down, play/pause by Space) and exit full screen by Esc key

[UPD] FYI: within so-called Spatial Audio on Youtube now available additional audio quality configuration: Vorbis 4.0 (i.e. four channels): example playlist. To get it in component seems need to switch Playback Start to third position ('one more request'). Or to get proper quality info, need to switch to last position ('predownload'), this will be fixed.

Re: foo_youtube

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1.16 final

In addition to previous changes:
- enhancement for Youtube related to better recognition of audio qualities brought by spatial audio. I.e. they will be recognized without need for deep analysis (last option of Playback Start group). Note, to get them need to select third option in Playback Start (by default there is selected second one)

Re: foo_youtube

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Doesn't work for me, I am trying to search for videos or even putting videos in the search box, but nothing happens, it tells me that is searching in a pop up that last couple of secs, but it doesn't display anything or streams sound to my foobar

Re: foo_youtube

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What does the log say after search? Hold Shift key and press menu View -> Youtube Source Log.

Re: foo_youtube

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could you add the feature, that you can refresh a youtube playlist added by "add location" ? If no, you added a "get more 50 for ''" element in the playlist after using "add location", could you just add that also for "get the first 50" as it doenst matter if things are double in the list as ill delete the list anyway before refreshing. it would be highly aweseome.


Re: foo_youtube

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'get more' item is independent thing and can be used separately. You can make 'get the first 50' from existing 'get more' item by removing 's' param from its path.


After adding BBC News channel there are 'get more 50' item with next path:

Remove 's':

This path you can add for example using 'Add location' and you will have 'get more' item that will fetch first 50 clips. Though after fetching it will be self-removed. All I can suggest is to add two additional optional params, one will prevent it from deletion and second will clear destination playlist before add.

Alternatively this functionality (clear & re-add) can be achieved by some potentially very simple script.

However real playlist auto update, i.e. something more intelligent than just clear and re-add, is interesting and potentially useful feature. And it's one of at least two things that I promised a long time ago and didn't implemented yet. Unfortunately I cannot give any estimation when something will be done in this direction.

Re: foo_youtube

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filtering for update can but dont have to be difficult. You have the upload-date and the youtube id of every track. so you can peek the first 50 and filter if youre already got some of the items determinted by upload-date and youtube-id.

one problem might be, what if there are more than 50 new tracks to fetch. you could recursivly fetch in 50 blocks until you either find doublettes or a tracks upload-date is older than your newest track.


PS: which progamming language? you could make a github repo out of this

Re: foo_youtube

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You can use JScript Panel for 'clean & re-add' way or the way with filtering that you described,

Re: foo_youtube

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I see that you can copy all tracks from the library(contents>copy names) and add in ''add multiple urls''(by 'list of titles'), but theres a limit, i can add only 50 tracks.. Is there any way to add whole library and that component finds all my tracks from library online?
In that whay i can then copy my playlist, and play on other computer in foobar(on my work ex.) , and listen there...

Re: foo_youtube

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Component initiates search request for each '%artist% - %title%' and uses first search result. Youtube API has daily quota and search is quite expensive operation. Exceeding the quota will result in errors at search and feeds retrieving for the rest of the day for all users. That's why there is limit.

This 'add by list of titles' ability is more for fun, or quick search. It should not be taken seriously for use cases like yours. Search is just not designed for such use cases. It searches not song by artist and title. It searches video clip with provided sentences. So there could be so-named album or moreover just absolutely unrelated video.

For such use cases should be used service that works in terms of song artist / title etc. Maybe API or MusicBrainz, don't know, didn't look in this direction.

Re: foo_youtube

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You could maybe make it possible to put in your own API key like the Kodi app does!? :)

Re: foo_youtube

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It is possible to specify own API key in component Advanced preferences.
Well, yes. For custom API keys this limitation can be omitted, it's not my responsibility for proper API usage then. Though I'm still not happy with this use case.

Re: foo_youtube

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I've noticed recently that %3dydfy_description% no longer returns the whole YouTube description. It's truncated shorter, by YouTube itself probably, because it ends too soon and not with ' (...)'.

I used to have a foo_textdisplay panel to show me this info because when you listen to mixes the description often includes a tracklist...

My tech info field configs were clearly OK, because it worked before and because it's not truncated by foo_youtubesource itself.

Re: foo_youtube

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Yes. It is shortened by Youtube. I'll check, there should be other way to get full description, probably even without additional request.

Re: foo_youtube

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What does the log say after search? Hold Shift key and press menu View -> Youtube Source Log.

21:56:48, Video: LAV Splitter 0.68.0 (int), LAV Video 0.68.0 (int), VSFilter 3.0.0 (int)
21:59:28, #01, Searching, brain power
21:59:30, #01,    Total time consumed: 1.296 seconds
21:59:30, #01,    Ready

22:02:42, Video: LAV Splitter 0.68.0 (int), LAV Video 0.68.0 (int), VSFilter 3.0.0 (int)
22:02:59, #01, Searching, hello
22:03:00, #01,    Total time consumed: 0.906 seconds
22:03:00, #01,    Ready

Found out that integrated search adds the search results to the playlist (which was synchronize to a folder and didn't let the results show up. probably thats what happen), is there anyway to make it so that it adds them on the bottom like the normal results?

Re: foo_youtube

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There is no way to add results on the bottom, but you can specify explicit playlist where to send them instead of sending to active playlist. This can be done using last column named Playlist in search panel configuration menu.

Re: foo_youtube

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New version 1.17 beta 1

- support for auto-translated subtitles. For video they are available as usual using Subtitles popup menu of video frame context menu. Auto-translated subtitles are appended with "[AT]" string. To do not mix all types of subtitles now in popup menu at first are listed regular subtitles, then ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), then auto-translated. Within each type they are sorted by language tag (which is language code + optional script tag or country code). For lyrics source auto-translated subtitles are disabled to do not flood, because when they are available there are usually over a hundred subtitles
- no limits for custom Youtube API key. Currently there are only one limit for default key: in 'Add multiple URLs...' window, when 'List of titles' is selected, can be added only 50 titles. Custom key can be entered in preferences Advanced » Tools » Youtube Source » Youtube API key
- create new playlist for search results if active playlist is locked
- fixed description retrieving, now will retrieve full description instead of its shortened version
- switched to VS2015, updated ffmpeg to 3.0.2, libcurl to 7.49

Re: foo_youtube

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why not make it opensource on github or elsewhere so others can contribute?

Re: foo_youtube

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beta 2

- support Youtube subdomains (like
- Search window, move keyboard focus to clips list after search completion and initially set focus to clips list if it was there last time before closing the window
- analysis optimization

Re: foo_youtube

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I'm using the most recent v1.17.

I can't make foo_youtube remember the subtitle configuration.
I found "Configure" menu under 'subtitle' when I right-clicked on foo_youtube screen. But, it did nothing. (no configuration screen)
And, I have to choose the subtitle language whenever I open a new youtube video.
It looks like foo_youtube seleccts and shows the first language. (in most cases, arabic)

I'm using foobar2000 v1.3.10 portable.

Anyway, thank you for the great plugin. I really enyou yourtube media through foobar.

Re: foo_youtube

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Yep, it picks up first subtitles. Subtitles are sorted alphabetically so on huge subtitles sets usually it will be Arabic.
Agree, in current state it is not very usable, need to add some priority for automatic selection.

'Configure' shows configuration window exposed by VSFilter. If it does not show anything then filter is not installed in the system (i.e. there is used local filter shipped with preconf version). Well, if it is not installed, then it should not store settings in the system, so inaccessibility of configuration window looks ok. Though probably need to disable 'Configure' menu item in this case.

Anyway filter configuration would not help because subtitles are not downloaded initially and they have to be selected by video frame context menu in order to do this. So priority thing should be done on component side.

NOTE. Seems 403 error came back. Working on it.

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