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Re: foo_youtube

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Hi, I found that long videos eventually stops but audio is working fine.

Re: foo_youtube

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15:36:47, [error] VideoSourceStreamFb2k->Read: Connection error
15:36:58, [error] VideoSourceStreamFb2k->Seek: Connection error

Re: foo_youtube

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If in component preferences -> Video tab -> 'Media downloading' you have something other than 'foo_youtube', you may try it. Pros (and cons at the same time) - it caches whole video independently of playback (when others cache only parts that are about to be played). If you have 'foobar2000' there, you also may try to increase reconnection time in Advanced -> Networking -> 'Keep reconnecting <...>'

Re: foo_youtube

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3dyd, here is tiny problem: custom buttons with Youtube Commands under section "Copy" doesn't work!
For example, i created a button "Youtube Source / Copy / URL" but it doesn't do the trick! However, if i'm using context menu, then everything works perfect!
Is that bug of the component or a problem is on my side?
foobar2000 1.3.17, DUI, Youtube Source 2.2.1 

Re: foo_youtube

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Unable to open item for playback (server error (403) from

it is the same for different media downloading options. Did youtube change something?

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@George Smith
If you are talking about toolbar buttons, then it is a bug. Will be fixed in current release. Thanks.

If you are using 2.2.2 beta 1, then please give an example URL. If you are using an older version, you could try latest beta or wait for release.

Re: foo_youtube

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Beta works, thank you  :)

Re: foo_youtube

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Code: [Select]
18:38:51, #01, 1. UNKN 27.34 MB
18:38:51, #01, Ready
18:38:51, [video@05DA6248] opening (file): download - foo_youtube
18:38:51, LAV Splitter: switched to Runtime Config mode
18:38:51, [video@05DA6248] opening finished in 0.265 seconds
18:38:51, [warning] [video@05DA6248] Cannot start playback: [0x80004005] No video pin: Unspecified error

Any ideas?

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If someone wants to use this: a somehow nicer view on large numbers (at least in my eyes), here for %fy_view_count%.
Can be used e.g. in CUI playlist view or in Br3tts great jsplaylist-mod.
Code: [Select]
$if($greater(%fy_view_count%,999999999),$div(%fy_view_count%,1000000000).$num($div($mod(%fy_view_count%,1000000000),1000000),3) m, $if($greater(%fy_view_count% ,9999999), $div(%fy_view_count%,1000000) m, $if($greater(%fy_view_count%,999999),$div(%fy_view_count%,1000000).$num($div($mod(%fy_view_count%,1000000),1000),3) k, $if($greater(%fy_view_count% ,9999), $div(%fy_view_count%,1000) k, $if($greater(%fy_view_count%,999),$div(%fy_view_count%,1000).$num($mod(%fy_view_count%,1000),3),%fy_view_count%)))))
Can probably be programmed in a nicer way, but it works   :))

Re: foo_youtube

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I've come across the occasional url that add location... fails to load. They give the following popup error.

The following error(s) occurred during loading of the location(s):
Invalid path syntax

The urls are generated by YTTM and so have metadata overriding.

They can simply be tested by pasting into foobar2000 > File menu > Add Location...

Code: [Select]
Actual title used before applying encodeURIComponent: Just Like Fire 和訳 日本語 (アリスインワンダーランド 時間の旅 主題歌) 
Gives error:

Actual title used before applying encodeURIComponent: Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger & The Trinity - Why (Am I Treated So Bad)
Gives error:

A similar one works:
Actual title used before applying encodeURIComponent: Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity - Lament for Miss Baker

I don't think there is actually an invalid path syntax in the first two, because shortening them by removing various sets of characters does get them to work. The top one has to be reduced to about 268 characters. With the second, just removing the ")" is enough & its then 299 characters. The problem may loosely be linked to length. But there doesn't seem to be specific cut off either in terms of character length or byte size that can accurately be used to reject certain urls in the code.

I was wondering if there might be a parsing issue in foo_youtube, or if its a foobar2000 core problem? Or if anyone knows a solution?

Re: foo_youtube

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Currently foo_youtube stores metadata in files (%fb2k_profile_dir%/foo_youtube/cache/meta). URL after some unification is used as file path there. So URLs, pointing to the same clips but having different overridden meta, effectively threated as different tracks.

Let's see at second URL. Its file name in meta directory is next (one can see that in component's log, need to set 'core -> trace' severity):
Code: [Select]

It looks like the problem is this. Filename has length of 258 characters. In general case (i.e. usually in NTFS) length limit for individual parts of the path is 255 characters. ')' gets encoded there ('%29') so when you remove it, filename becomes 255 characters long (very convenient example!), thus it does not fail.

I do not think that having specification of the rules, used for filename generation, is a good idea (yet another headache for maintenance). Idea to use URL as file name does not look clever anymore, but it is hard to change such things now. Switch to SQLite database as storage (instead of filesystem) would resolve this problem, but it is long term plan.

I guess, I will look for the way to use some shortened filenames (e.g. hashes) as a fallback if regular way fails like this. But if you come up with an approach that does not require work on my side, I definitely won't be upset.

Re: foo_youtube

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OK. Thanks. Now I understand. I can use a workaround for very occasional videos that exceed foo_youtube database size limits, i.e. pick a different one from the search returns.

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