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With contextmenu_manager::init_context_ex you also specify the caller GUID that would be passed then as p_caller argument in contextmenu_item_node methods. Predefined callers can be found in contextmenu_item class declaration.

Method contextmenu_manager::init_context(handle_list) passes contextmenu_item::caller_undefined (null GUID) as p_caller. Current implementation of Copy nodes in foo_youtube ignores unknown callers. That's why these nodes do not appear. Such check does not seem to make sense in this case so I will probably remove it in next update.

Ok, thank you.

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foobar2000 can't load channel and playlist, I don't remember when but I believe it could do it.
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Youtube source report
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I also try with fresh portable but it is fine. Something wrong with my installed foobar2000.  Help me to find the cause of this issue. thanks.

I see unnamed legacy decoders come with foo_youtube 3.1. What is this?

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Okay, I found it, issue comes from latest External Tags components (1.0.30), by disabling the writer, I can load channel or playlist.
@Case could you check this? foo_youtube load channel or playlist works well with previous version (1.0.29)

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It is working fine now to load channel or playlist. Thanks.

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