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Peakmeter Spectrum component

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Is it possible for a plugin like this to toggle between being placed before or after the DSP chain?  Currently it goes into affect after all DSPs have been applied.

Peakmeter Spectrum component

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I'm a bit late to this party and judging by the absence of the component creator and the (lack of) responses to the last few fellas, I don't fancy my chances at a solution being provided here. However, is there a way to add the Peakmeter Spectrum so that it's available in the View -> Visualisations menu, such that I can open it in its own window as I can with the default Spectrum Analyser?

Peakmeter Spectrum component

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I confirm that current version: beta is incompatible with newer GPUs. I'm using Radeon HD7750 and Peakmeter spectrum is very laggy. Peakmeter spectrum raises GPU usage to 99% (as shown in AMD Catalyst Control Center)

Once you minimize foobar2000 or close the Peakmeter spectrum plugin, GPU usage lowers to normal.

It's nice that we have Musical Spectrum plugin as a great alternative:
Musical Spectrum

Peakmeter Spectrum component

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Oh, really? I'm very sorry! 

I'm only using the HD 7700.

Peakmeter Spectrum component

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Microsoft released a batch of patches at the end of October - beginning of November 2015. One of these - I do not know which - broke this plugin on 2 of my PCs - Windows 7 - 64 bit - SP1 ;-(

The symptom is a complete foobar2000 crash when using the plugin - whether a file is playing or not!

Luckily, there is a workaround for this. The crash occurs when, and only when as far as I can see, you set the following:

Right Click panel > Preferences > Spectrum Analyzer > Options > Main Bar > Size > 4

The default for Size is 8. Once the crash has occurred - there is no way to display the plugin to fix this.


- Download the 0102 older version of the DLL
- Replace the 0200 version of the DLL with the old one in ..\user-components\foo_uie_vis_peakmeter_spectrum
- Next time you launch foobar2000, the display will default to Size = 8
- Customise the display to how you had it before EXCEPT make Size = 5 - not Size = 4 ;-)
- Replace the 0102 version of the DLL with the 0200 version of the DLL

I hope this works for you.


PS My video card is a AMD Radeon HD 7570 - this card does not have any GPU problems as reported my another user.

Peakmeter Spectrum component

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Are you ever going to release the source since you do not seem to work on it anymore.. I would love to add 16k FFT and co.

Re: Peakmeter Spectrum component

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I'm new to foobar2000 and installed DarkOne V4 and everything works fine except this component.  It shows up but when I play a sound nothing happens.  The db meter for both channels never moves.  Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working correctly?  I've searched google and gone through every setting I can think of but nothing seems to fix it.

Re: Peakmeter Spectrum component

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The download link is down :c


Re: Peakmeter Spectrum component

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The download is not available anymore. Can you please update? Thanks!

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