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From the mouth of Billy Corgan...

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@ Sony 666 : That image defies all belief.  It really does.  Especially if you sit and think about it.

No, it's just the way sound editors show waveforms when you're zoomed out.

There are probably several hundred (or thousand) samples within the width of 1 pixel on your screen. The waveform at that pixel will be drawn to the maximum and minimum values within that range.

So if you looked at the waveform of 80 minutes of audio on a 1024 display, you only need 1 full scale sample every 4.7 seconds to make the audio look like it's always at digital full scale.

You have to zoom in to see what's really happening. Zoomed out, you can see that it's obviously been compressed or clipped, but you don't know which, or by how much.


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