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Re: Biography Discussion

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lfm has been erratic and slow for me over the last few days and I can confirm that at times it's not been possible to obtain stuff.

Currently all is working correctly for me. So hopefully all is back to normal.

Just tried again, using a fresh FB 1.5 install/SMP1.2.1/Bio1.1.2

Per the image - no artist image appears or downloads (using install default biography.ini) - the update.txt does get written to directory so write access should be fine?

any ideas?

Re: Biography Discussion

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I tried a fresh FB 1.5 install/SMP1.2.1/Bio1.1.2

I tried with the artist album in your pic. All worked correctly. Photos were obtained. I tried two lfm languages.

The fact that it created update.txt for you indicates it correctly obtained the image list from lfm. So the download and save failed:
   - try force update
   - may be there are still some issues with lfm servers, as I guess it was all working well for you until recently
   - double check that all settings are at default to absolutely exclude any of the configurable options:
      1) right click > menu > sources > server settings > reset to default.
      2) right click > panel properties. Choose export to back up panel properties. Then choose clear to reset panel properties.
   - I assume that if you go directly to the site you can access the images
   - perhaps there is some local issue with your set-up (seems unlikely: access to fb2k folders should be OK)
   - I assume your internet is working OK
   - you could try deleting foo_lastfm_img.vbs within foobar2000 profile\yttm folder and restarting foobar2000 to make absolutely sure it's not been corrupted.
   - I assume the device has sufficient disc space to save the images

I've sent you a pm with some debug code that you can try if the issue persists.

Re: Biography Discussion

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New Version: Biography 1.1.3

CHG: New source button
    - Requires FontAwesome. If not installed, the previous button style will be used.
    - Simple size adjustment, if required: ctrl + wheel over button.
    - Further options: "menu > layout > heading > button style", e.g. set previous button style or hide background.

NEW: Heading: always full width option (enable: "menu > layout > heading). Means heading spans image + text rather than just text in left & right style layouts. Image top padding is auto-adjusted.

NEW: Photo filter: cycle from folder now has an option to restrict to lfm artist images [default enabled (menu > sources > photo...)].

FIX: Lfm bios: corrected occasional issue where certain bios weren't obtained.


Re: Biography Discussion

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^ New features working well. Thank you! 8)

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