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some ask about gain control

updated foobar (bevore this use foobas v1.1 (with many components)
now the volum goes down by every beat! haveset processing to none, and disabeld gain, but still the problem..
have removed Foobaar completly.. (incl. prefencs) and installed the old one.. still have the problem!
(play the audio files with other programm like audacity = not this problem..)

what doing iam wrong?

*cats are awesome!*

(maybe just change/undload/ one  foobar dll/threat? to fix this)

Re: some ask about gain control

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ok.. fixed this problem..
changed the equalizer settings.. 
from to
but still have no idea why the bevore settings have worked fine until update..
(also have replaced the backupfolder made after update with the from new old installer version))


Re: some ask about gain control

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You probably had a limiter enabled.

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