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[Request] New iPod Manager plug-in

Hello All,

I recently got a new iPod with ios7 and i've found that things dont work quite the way it used to.
I had a look at iPod Manager the plug-in and i saw that it the developer appears to have abandoned the project and that it was originally written in korean so its difficult to understand.

Would anyone like to take up the mammoth task of creating a iPod manager plug-in which can successfully sync with as many variations of the ipod as possible, with features such as converting a file into a ipod format (similar to how ipod manager converts a FLAC to be playable on an ipod) and really take advantage of what can be done with foobar and the ipod.

unfortunately, it appears that companies are not competing with the ipod and although many of you would enjoy arguing about the annoyance of apple and their products, they still have the best hardware and sadly a lot of us use one.
Please ease our pain so we dont have to use itunes as well as its poor music management!

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