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Ravel Daphnis et Chloe for ABX Listening

This is in support of a post in the 'Listening' area on ABX testing with foobar2000:

Lossless version in WAV ripped from Redbook CD: [attachment=7640:Ravel_Te..._2_short.wav]
The test posted in the OP of the thread used an MP3 320 kbs version created in SoundForge 10 (not uploaded here).
Follow-up in post 9 used the following version--
Lossy version in MP3 ripped by LAME 3.99.5_vc6 encoded by "  -b 320  --h  " :[attachment=7641:Ravel_Te..._3_short.mp3]

Ravel Daphnis et Chloe for ABX Listening

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3 bit Louder sample for testing if problems still are the same when louder:
I don't know you can call this process lossless but since it is reversible in my little tests it may the right word for this case.

1 bit in dB equals:

20 x log10(2) = 6.020599913

Using gain with SoX it starts from 6.0205999 on to shift the music around bit by bit! One digit less and it calculates new values with no chance to reverse it back to original. With a negative value you can make it exactly 1 bit softer.

On this sample i used 3x

sox -D input.wav output.wav gain 6.020599913
Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
With 24bit music you can listen to silence much louder!

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