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want old seeking behaviour back

I miss the old seek behaviour, where if you jump ahead 10 minutes on a 3 minute 32 second song, it would go to 3:32 and stay there... it seems that now it sets the player into Stop mode, which is annoying (if it has to do something to declare to the user that the file isn't that long, it could at least jump however far into the next file and keep playing from there).

Reason I ask is that often the only reliable way to check if files are complete quickly is to listen to the first & last few seconds of each one and that's easier to do if the motion to get to the end of the file is the same for each one... A seek to end under the keyboard shortcuts would also do it (I looked; couldn't find one).

Couple other things:
- is there a non-graphical seek-to-arbitrary-time plugin somewhere? i.e. something like winamp's, where a little text box comes up and you just type a number and press enter and it goes? seekbars are kind of silly cuz they require just as many keystrokes (sometimes I don't like mice :P) as the incremental seeking keyboard shortcuts.

- there seems to be a bug in the seeking thingie (algorithm? :P) that causes foobar to go loopy (100% cpu usage, almost freezes system) when seeking in oggs while playing, but I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. Windows XP, foobar 0.667. (wasn't happening with prev. versions, also, I agree with that other post in that seeking should be instantaneous as a first priority and accurate as a second... who's gonna want frame accuracy when the smallest seek increment is only a second? if you wanna get obsessive about accuracy, there should be a shortcut to seek ahead one frame :P)
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