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More Double Byte Character problems

I am using v0.667 and i am still having problems displaying double width characters:

Ignoring the characters prodcues this:

Counting double width as two characters prodcues this: (for both options)

I have tried all three settings under the display options, restarting foobar inbetween. I entered the genre using the standard XP IME for Japanese, using full width katakana. I have read the threads regarding the 0.66x beta versions, but i have not been able to make it work. However, i should point out,

» if i use half width katakana, it appears to work. But when i convert for hiragana to kanji, it comes out of alignment again.
» the amount the column alignment is out by is related to the length of the string entered in full width characters, i.e. longer strings pull it more out of alignment, by small amounts (not full character widths)

Thus, i think the problem is that, for font sets which do not contain their own sets of kanji/kana, the system resorts to using a multi width character font, which makes the fomatting come out of alignment. Almost all the formatting strings for foobar require a fixed width font for alignment, and almost all the fixed width fonts dont have a full unicode character set. Hence the problem. However, the amount the alignment becomes distorted by seems to be larger than the differences in character width.

Are there any ways to work around this?

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