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[TOS #6: cross-posting] From: R128GAIN: An EBU R128 compliant loudness


This seems to be 'living' forum on EBU-R128 ...

I stumbled upon a website on ReplayGain specification 2.0 ( )
I don't know who is working on it or what the progress is, but there doesn't seem to be activity on that forum since october 2012.
But I have a suggestion for the spec, based on the experimentation I've done with R128GAIN and Foobar2000 (1.2.9) implementation of R128. So here it goes:

I did some experimentation with the replaygain calculation in Foobar2000 (v1.2.9) which uses “libebur128”, a library that implements the EBU R 128 standard for loudness normalization. The four replaygain meta-data tags written by Foobar2000 using the R128 loudness standard are interpreted correctly and playback in another player was no problem (I tried Musicbee). Obviously the values calculated using the 'old' algorithm and the 'new' algorithm are different. It would be nice if the specification would add additional meta-data to make that distinction. I have also tried the R128GAIN software and it generates the following additional tags:


Now, libebur128 used in Foobar2000 follows the offset recommendation [1] mentioned in the Replaygain 2.0 spec. It sets the reference level to -18 instead of -23. Which makes sense for music playback on portable devices and correlates well with the old replaygain loudness values. That could be reflected as:


So if these two additional tags would become part of the specification, then a clear distinction could be made how loudness was calculated and against which reference level replaygain is adjusted (1 LU = 1 dB)

Any thoughts on that ?

[1] Based on the research of Dolby Laboratories as published in May 2010 for the Audio Engineering Society. EBU-R128 is for the broadcast industry but music playback on mobile devices suggests a higher playback level.

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