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Anyone from Oracle could you give me a favor?

It seems Windows Java runtime limits bits depth to 16 when actual underline sound system can support 24 or even 32.

Linux JDK doesn't have the problem although limits can be extended there too.

So if you have access to codebase and generally have authority to create a ticket and change the code, please do it as below:

File PLATFORM_API_WinOS_DirectSound.cpp

Line as
static INT32 bitsArray[] = { 8, 16};

Change to:
static INT32 bitsArray[] = { 8, 16, 20, 24, 32};

I assume you can apply changes only toward version 8, since 7 is currently on code freeze and only security patches can be applied.

Regarding Linux. Here is another file: PLATFORM_API_LinuxOS_ALSA_PCM.c
It restricts bits depth to 24. Yes, Linux version is more advance. However making it 32 could be nice too. I am not sure about change here. Certainly
#define MAX_BIT_INDEX 6
should be increased to 8, but it looks like some more changes need to be applied. Keep the change as lower priority. And you can go back to me if you need more details.


Anyone from Oracle could you give me a favor?

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Is there some good reason that you cannot post this to an actually relevant location, for instance

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