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[Minor Bug Report] Foobar2000 Metadata Editor

Steps to reproduce:

Begin with two albums, A and B, such that album A has at least 10 tracks and every file in album A resides in the same directory, whereas album B is a double album split across two directories. For example, Album B\Disc 1 and Album B\Disc 2

Using the context menu metadata editor, map the field <ENCODED BY> to the value "Fraunhofer AAC v1.762.208, VBR 5" for every track in album A. Select all the tracks in album A, right click the <ENCODED BY> field, and copy.

Then, select all the tracks in album B (from both directories, as one album) and open the metadata editor. Paste fields. Only the first 10 tracks of the first disc of album B will be tagged with the updated metadata.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm looking forward to this update:
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Beta 4 Build 3364 to Beta 5 Build 3367 changelog
- [enc_fhgaac] Write encoder version & setting to @too atom (tool) in mp4 metadata

[Minor Bug Report] Foobar2000 Metadata Editor

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copy/paste fields expects the source and destination file count to be the same.

it looks like you want to edit just the one field for all those files to be the same which is not the same thing.

[Minor Bug Report] Foobar2000 Metadata Editor

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My mistake; thanks for the clarification.

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