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Streaming issue

Hi Guys,

foobar2000 is having problems streaming from These are the URL's I am trying to use...

I've upgraded to the latest version and the streaming problem still exists as described below...

The problem...

When I have my transparent proxy disabled or enabled without specifying a proxy in IE the stream will only play for 1 second.

Here is a description of what I have tried with the outcomes...

Note: I have a transparent proxy running on my network that redirects all traffic on port 80 to 8000 through the gateway box.

I set IE to run through my ISP's proxy server Restarted foobar2000 and the stream worked fine. Transparent proxy still enabled.

So then I set IE to use the local proxy server which is Again All works fine. Transparent proxy still enabled.

I then disabled the transparent proxy completely, removed IE proxy settings and restarted foobar2000 the stream only plays 1 second then stops.

I then enabled the transparent proxy with no IE proxy settings and restart foobar2000 - the stream only plays 1 second then stops.

I directly connect my Windows box to the Internet with no firewall - again the stream only plays for 1 second then stops!

Winamp seems to work fine in all the above configurations. I don't know if this is a foobar issue but why is it working through the proxy ok?

Any suggestions??

Kind Regards,


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