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Colums UI Filters show nothing


After reinstalling my computer, I installed foobar again, this time the newer version 1.2.6 instead of 1.2.4.
I downloaded colums UI, because I like the filter options. But upon adding my music to the default playlist, I can play it, but the filters are always empty?
They are supposed to list all artists, and albums of the selected artist(s) next to it? I could use this since I'm taking my computer to a party later.
I'm not a pro with foobar, but i've used it for a long time, and it worked exactly like I wanted it to. I'm confused why it's doing this now.
(and yes, I'm running it on linux with wine, but as I said it worked fine before)

Also I'm sure this is supposed to show something?

Colums UI Filters show nothing

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file>preferences>media library

add your music folders.


Colums UI Filters show nothing

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as the OP is running WINE on linux, i'd stick with columns. last time i tried it, default UI was very glitchy when it comes to redrawing stuff on screen.

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