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Old amplifier blowing fuses too often

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Specifically, it would be some X class here. Reichelt carries WIMA MP3-X2 series 22n and 47n types, for example. Possibly the original types weren't such caps and could no longer sustain the voltage spikes that occurred.
Those have an additional grounding wire, the amp doesn't have any grounding at all.

Huh? These are quite definitely 2-terminal devices, as the product page shows.

So, for C1-3 I just take the X2 class ones. What about C4-5?

Those are secondary side, so far less critical IMO. I'd use MKS4 series types, MKS-4-630 150N (630V= / 220V~, 22.5mm pitch), or MKS-4-400 150N (400V= / 200V~, 15mm pitch) if that size fits better. Maybe you can also find suitable ceramics, as the originals were.

In any case it looks like you may have to use a bit of wire to connect the new caps.


Old amplifier blowing fuses too often

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Ok, thank you. The wikipedia article has the picture of it having three wires (even though I mentions the other type being 2 wire), so I just assumed it was how it looked. Haven't looked at the actual product before...

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